Our Philosophy

We’re Not Just Your Builder, We’re Your Partner

We know that the word “collaboration” can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. That’s why, at BW Kennedy & Co., we prefer to use the word “partner”—making it clear that in every project, every voice counts. By building a true partnership, we allow the team to engage in honest dialog, fostering innovative ideas to any challenge they face. During a thorough and detailed preconstruction effort, the team works together to identify all potential challenges, so that no surprises arise during the build. By hard work and perseverance, we make it happen. Our reason for partnership is simple: When BW Kennedy & Co. is able to meet your expectations and deliver your project as promised, your business succeeds. When your business succeeds, your company experiences growth, and with growth, come new facility needs. If we met your needs as a true partner, we can be confident that you’ll turn back to us for your future building and construction management needs.